Securing Your Family’s Home and Safety

Protecting your family is essential for enjoying security and peace of mind. Whether its detecting fire or harmful chemicals, protecting against intruders or simply keeping out unwanted guests, having a security system in place will allow you to enjoy your home without worry.

What Can an Alarm System Do for Your Family?

When most people think of home security systems, they think of burglar alarms. While intruder alarms are the most commonly installed alarm, security systems can protect you against environmental problems as well. There are alarm systems that can detect fire, carbon monoxide and gas leaks. These systems save lives by alerting the proper authorities and protecting your family from disaster.

Who Needs Alarm Systems?

Anyone who wants the security of knowing that they are protected will benefit from a home alarm system. Honeywell security systems offer monitored alarms that keep out intruders both when you are at home or away.

Video surveillance systems allow you to watch both the interior and exterior of your home from anywhere with an Internet connection. Motion detectors can trigger sensitive monitoring systems, alerting you when there is unusual activity around your home. Glassbreak sensors will sound an alarm whenever they detect the sound of glass breaking.

Providing the Best Security for Your Home

Your home’s security should be like an onion. There should be layers of security that make your home a veritable fortress that is nearly impossible to breach. From motion detectors to monitored alarms, glassbreak technology and carbon monoxide detectors, your home will be the safest it can be for your family.

When it comes to residential home protection, no name is more trusted than Honeywell Security. With a full suite of home protection products, you can trust that Honeywell will have the exact products to meet your security needs. Try reading this.

Moving forward with B2B Marketing

Here’s the latest piece of unofficial media from the great Gary Vaynerchuck school of social media marketing.

It’s quite a long interview but the man gives us a solid platform for success, especially for us who live the un-glamorous back end of the online and social media marketing side of the world.

The lessons he’s putting out aren’t exactly new but when the man’s announcing he’s coming out with another book – heads tend to turn to the man who’s basically invented personal branding.

Here’s the full video from TMZ Insider:

Not Your Ordinary Mechanical Keyboard: Cooler Master CM Storm Quickfire TK

Getting the new Cooler Master CM Storm Quickfire TK, at Macro Logic, was probably the best decision I made for my gaming obsession. I know it probably isn’t the best mechanical keyboard in the market but when you are still in college and could not personally afford your wants, I had to settle for something equally excellent but for a price within my pocket’s means. Cooler Master always has the answers for these kinds of issues and I was glad to have checked their website for the product I needed. 62 GBP for a sleek and slim mechanical keyboard? I was definitely having the time of my life.

So upon delivery, I expected nothing more but a plain mechanical keyboard. Imagine the surprise when added delights came in handy. There were multimedia keys for easier access on my music and videos. There was an amazing lighting mode (full LED lights) that renders a breathing illusion on the board. There was a key tool for easier key removal and replacement. Then there was the removal cord and cable that was braided to suit a more durable usage. Now I ask you, do you honesty think I got just a plain mechanical keyboard? Your answer is as good as mine!

Fully-Functional Cooler Master CM Storm Quickfire TK

Unlike most mechanical keyboards, the Cooler Master CM Storm Quickfire TK is a little smaller with only 92 keys instead of the usual 104. This however, does not make it, in any way, less than its peers when it comes to full functionality and durability. In fact, I believe that with this keyboard, Cooler Master was able to produce one of the best of its kind considering its convenience to gamers like me and its affordability for people who would like the best substitute for the higher end models.

I couldn’t almost get myself to believe that despite having less number of keys, it still held a complete numerical keypad, important function buttons (page up, page down, end, home), and as an added delight, a set of shortcut media keys that allows me to access my second love (first love being video games) which is music. I got this board for less than 65 GBP and yet I always though I got more! You can see more of the Cooler Master CM Storm Quickfire TK at Lexa Lab.

Online Stores and B2B Marketing via the Social Media: A Case Study

We almost always talk about engagement as a function of sales and a metric of performance in this increasingly redundant, almost reductionist world of social media marketing.

In the greater scheme of things, we almost find ourselves (the business to business marketing crowd) to be on the losing end of the stick. We talk about engagement; we talk about connecting to people but what if we’re in industries that neither have the capacity to be social nor the inclination to be so?

Last week, I found some really interesting material on how this little company that specializes in social media media marketing in the Philippines ran a case study to determine which social networking platforms are the best for B2C or consumer driven marketing campaigns.

The truth is, I think their data is a bit flawed or there’s a ton of other things they aren’t showing. The data set is large enough to merit a large to be conclusive but I think there’s a lot more to that study than this little infographic would like us to believe.


Can we translate the same successes to business to business marketing? More specifically, will these same platforms work for us in the anti-social end of the spectrum?

Understanding the Effects of Business to Business Marketing

Business to business marketing with social media is being used by marketing professionals not only connect and share information, but also for effective decision-making processes. This means that business owners are capable of collecting valuable data from their network community and use them to improve their service delivery in a manner that benefits its customers.

I recently met to discuss the concept of marketing with some of the leading B2B companies. The issue that came up was that marketing has become so complex that it is becoming difficult to penetrate the market without the help of online marketing tools. In this context, social media came up strongly as a formidable way of increasing a company’s presence .The cost of marketing and advertising was revisited with B2B players claiming that while physical marketing techniques are outdated, they remain expensive relative online social media advertising. Today, many B2B companies have reduced their physical marketing and have instead boosted their online marketing with statistics indicating that about 50% of all companies surveyed indicating reduced spending.

Businesses are currently utilizing social media as a strategic tool to increase their presence across the world. In addition, offline business can now use social media platforms as a method of reaching potential customers in areas that are deemed unreachable. Traditionally, business that have no enormous capital base could not exploit far markets because of the limitations of capital. Today, social media has become a milestone that has overturned this condition. Many businesses seeking to outperform their rivals can no longer ignore such platforms as Google+, Facebook, Twitter and other specific platforms or forums that present significant benefits to businesses. Contrary to other marketing media, social media provides free and easy ways of bringing businesses to the public domain

Surveys show that more than 1 billion people are using social media and that about 65% of these people use multiple forums to connect with their friends and families. Business to business marketing with social media provides businesses with a quick and easy way of reaching global customers without positioning points of sales across regions. This means that your business can announce a new product without spending on advertisements. Never before have businesses been able to reach a large number of customers easily with least costs.

If your concern is to boost the publicity of your business, you are the right candidate for social media marketing since it has the potential of opening new markets and reaching the forgotten audiences.

A Cheap Wireless Security System

Working as a policeman, I am sometimes shocked when people leave their premises un secure because they have very little money. In this day and age, there are places where you can get a wireless security camera system for cheap.

You don’t have to pay expensive prices for a simple wireless security camera system that will cover your front door.

Sony do a wireless security camera system which just has one camera, but it has a circular base, like the ones you can see in the shops. It has a transmitter built in, records to an SD card and you can control it over the internet, with your own web page.

You can get all this for under £50 and sometimes even less when there is a sale on. So, you can be safe and not have to worry about money. Have a look on Amazon and secure your premises now!

B2B Marketing 101

Why businesses need social media marketing

Social media marketing is essentially the heartbeat of any business marketing campaigns. In this era of increased social networking, business that have a partnership with other businesses can now utilize the opportunities presented to them and convert online views into business transactions.

Unfortunately, many organizations are yet to realize the optimal benefits of social marketing media within the context of business-to-business marketing. In many instances, many business organizations tend to limit online marketing to business-to-customers (B2C) without giving closer attention to social media as an enabling tool for effective and efficient marketing. Here, you get to know how a business organizations and entrepreneurs can maximize their returns by increasing their sales returns.

Business to business marketing with social media maximizes business sales

Firstly, an entrepreneur can utilize social media to connect with other partners that are spread over a wide geographical area. Since business-to-business marketing provides entrepreneurs with unique opportunities to reach out to their customers through third parties, social media can move this aspect further to help realize optimal benefits.

Connects with prospective customers

Social media enables business owners to connect with prospective business partners and potential customers more freely and easily without using their funds. This means that you can not only send private marketing messages, but also connect with your partners and customers in real time. By so doing, businesses can share their experiences and foster progress through a feedback-enabled network.


The other aspect inherent in social media marketing is that it provides members with an opportunity to share relevant information. This means that a business can connect and collaborate with network members about the products and educates entrepreneurs about how to improve the quality of services and products for the benefits of the customers.

Tips on the importance of social media marketing have helped businesses to bolster their returns and increase their target market. You are welcome to enjoy the benefits of social media marketing to your advantage.

My House and the Security System

I bought a wireless security camera system for my house after I had been broken into. I know that it seems too late, buying the system after the break in, but my idea was to stop it happening again.

I bought one of the cheaper systems to start off with because I just wanted something up and I planned on adding to it later. The DVR that came with the system had the capability to expand, so I think I am just going to buy new cameras in the future.

I found my wireless security camera system to be very good. It recorded audio and it had night vision. The cameras were easy to install and I would compare the whole installation to that of installing a new TV.

I now feel safer in the house and I have the piece of mind that the house is safe when I go out for the day.

Life Without Business to Business Marketing

While businesses that market their products and services to consumers have embraced social media, many business-to-business firms have not. I chose to be different however, because the research had shown that my business stood to benefit a lot from using social media to raise my brand profile.

What business-to-business marketing with social media entails

I usually do business to business marketing with social media by using all the tools available to me on these sites to interact with my clients and attract them to my website. This way, I have a higher chance of ensuring that I not only raise awareness about my company but also convert the traffic to my website into sales and revenue continuously.

What my business-to-business marketing process involved

One of the first things I did in order to promote my business to my corporate clients was to establish several accounts in various major social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. After that, I embarked on a research project to determine whom my target clients were, what they wanted, and why they were not coming to me.

I then started making a contact list with details of all major clients I wanted to attract. Doing so enabled me to take part in their conversations on all the social media sites I was a member of. I proceeded to upload presentations that my business had done in order to provide my potential clients with something to think about.

Another strategy I used was employing monitoring tools to keep track of what people were saying. This enabled me to do damage control and answer any queries that arose regarding my brand.

Once I had established a relationship with my potential clients, I ensured that I was at the forefront of promoting discussions about issues related to my niche. Using the influence I had earned, I built interest in other marketing events I had organized to raise my company’s profile. Most of the companies in my network had representatives show up.

Persuading my potential clients to give my products and services, a try after doing my homework was quite easy. I continue to use social media to this day to keep track of my clients and deal with their needs. Social media has revolutionized my business-to-business firm and in would recommend it to anyone.